Locum is pleased to announce the release of Safe & Secure 4.2 IR1, now available for download for all registered customers!

Safe & Secure is Locum's highly-regarded and well-established security software for Unisys ClearPath MCP systems. It centralizes and simplifies security administration while offering, through AdminDesk, a wide range of powerful tools and inquiry facillities.

We live in a world with increasing threats to IT system and information security. Regulators have responded with increased vigilance, compliance and forensic reporting. Protecting your business information while simultaneously increasing productivity has never been more important!

Unisys has partnered with Locum Software Services Limited to provide Locum 360, a comprehensive and integrated security solution for ClearPath MCP Servers. For more information, please visit the Locum 360 page via the Products menu

Locum 360 provides simplified control and administration of your security environment through the use of sophisticated, real-time and retrospective reporting tools.

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